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L.O.R.D. Community Development Organization , INC. (NFP)

   September 4, 2015 Goal

L.O.R.D. Community Development Organization, Inc.

Connect with the Youth of the Community

Campaign FundRaiser

Give Youth Responsibility”


Give Youth Responsibility

Contrary to the thought process of some adults, Youth like to have responsibility. In the area of Community Service, this means involving Youth in the process from the very beginning. For instance, when the decision has been made for a Youth service project, let them decide what the project will be then let them plan the project. This means recruiting and supervising volunteers (specifically other young people), obtaining resources such as funding and materials, settling transportation details, and allowing them to lead on the day of the project. When Youth are involved in the entire process, they have a vested interest and want to be sure that what has been planned will get done. Youth are more willing to get involved in service projects that are developed and led by their peers. When Youth are not involved in the entire process of Community Service efforts, it comes across as a necessary evil. However, when Youth have a role in the planning, they are very excited about what will happen and can easily influence their friends to get involved. Youth are also encouraged to be successful when they are given responsibility. How can it be said that Youth are irresponsible if they are not given any responsibility?

Gift Amount: __$25.00 __$50.00__$100.00__$250__$500.00

Maximum Gift:__$1,000.00__$2,500.00__$5,000.00

We have taken up a new task of helping our youth and families who are interested in going to college by providing scholarships, educational forums and platforms for awareness. This campaign is going to be a good awareness amongst the common people.

I would like supporters like you to join us and help in raising funds for this campaign. As you have helped us in many such fund raising programs I would like you to show proper interest in this campaign too.

Please give us a positive reply and you can contact me personally whenever required for any further details.

Make checks payable to: L.O.R.D. Community Development Organization, Inc.

Mail to: 900 S. Arlington Avenue Suite 216A

Harrisburg, PA. 17109

Memo: Give Youth Responsibility


Kevin Washington



Kevin Washington



Thelma Washington

Vice President


James Jones

Personal Advisor


Clo Epps

Board Member


Tony  Sweet

Board Member


Viola Jackson

Board Member


Les Waters

Board Member


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