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              Hamilton-McDonald Funeral Fund

Hello friends and family! My name is Thelma Washington and I am a good friend of Artisa Hamilton McDonald. Artisa is an incredible woman, who impacts many people on a daily basis with her genuine love and concern. She constantly puts the needs of others around her ahead of her own, without a second's hesitation. She is the mother to 4 beautiful girls ages 17, 15, 13, and 11 and has raised them to be committed members of the community.

Unfortunately, on Tuesday November 11th, her youngest daughter died unexpectedly in Phoenix Arizona. Ieeshelle was only 11 years old when she was taken from this earth- too young, innocent and with a bright future. She possessed unlimited potential to change the world, yet now, it will never be realized.

This sudden death has caused additional grief and hardship in that not long ago Artisa lost her husband.

Artisa is a current student attending Arizona College with an interest in Medical Assistance.

Help us give Artisa just a little peace of mind- donate today and the proceeds will go to the Hamilton-McDonald family in honor of their late daughter. They may use the money to provide a nice meal at the repass, or they may decide to put it towards the other childrens' college funds- it's up to the family to decide. Either way, the donations will be used to support the Hamilton-McDonald family in their time of need. No donation is too small, anything can have an impact.

So this is my challenge; I challenge each and every one of you who reads this post to donate now. This is OUR chance to give a little back to this amazing woman who has given so much. Please help and show her some love and support!

Donate today. You have the potential to change the course of someone's life.

God Bless You Richly

Vice President Thelma Washington

Please send checks made payable to L.O.R.D. Community Development Organization, Inc.-P.O. Box 5495  Harrisburg, PA. 17110

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